ELTI Application for Admission

Important Announcements

ELTI is currently accepting applications for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020. Email us at elti@uncc.edu if you have questions.

Application Items:

    • Bank documents showing that a balance of $25,000.00 is available (for student/F1 visa).  ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH WITH MONETARY AMOUNTS CONVERTED TO US CURRENCY.
      • If your family will come with you, an additional $6,000.00 per spouse and $3,600 per child will be necessary. Only spouses and children (age 21 and under) are allowed to be dependents on the student visa.
    • Non-refundable $60 application fee and $80 express mailing fee (This is a requirement for admission packets being mailed outside of the US).
    • Passport copies (including dependents).
    • The student’s complete address in the home country. (This is a US government requirement).
    • The personal email address of the student. (This is a US government requirement). We will not process an application unless we have this. 
    • Submit payment here by credit card.  Send all else by email to elti@uncc.edu.
    • If you are a transfer student from another US school, you must email us a copy of all your grades at any US school.
  • Check the email address you give us regularly for updates.  We try to process applications within 2 - 3 days of receiving all the application items, but when we are busy this timeline may be longer.
  • When providing your MAILING ADDRESS, please make sure it is a COMPLETE address, which should include: a Street Name and Number; an Apartment # or Suite # or Room #; a City Name; a State or Region; a Zip or Postal Code; and a Country. 
  • Failing to provide a complete address means delivery may be delayed, and additional delivery costs may be charged.  
  • We do not have fixed deadlines for receiving applications. However, you need to allow time to get a visa and to arrange air flights if coming from overseas; each case is different, but we do not allow late arrivals.

NOTE:  SEVP regulations require that the I-20 can be sent ONLY to the student/applicant.  We can no longer send, or allow pick up of, this document to Agents or family members.  Please provide your OWN full and complete mailing address in your home country, so that we can send your acceptance packet directly to you.

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(US visa law requires all full-time students to use a student visa. We do not recommend coming to the US on a B visa for study.)

Educational Background

Note: If you are under 25 years old, you MUST graduate from high school before you can join our program.

Note: ELTI students are expected to know the English alphabet, be able to write simple sentences and speak about basic and daily life topics before arrival at the ELTI. Students who do not have basic English ability may need to find private tutoring to supplement their ELTI Level One classes.


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UNC Charlotte Conditional Admission

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